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Climb the social media ladder of SUCCESS

Climb the social media ladder of SUCCESS..

Your online identity can boost your career. Here’s how to use social media to your advantage.

Why Social Media?

Giant enterprise & the humble individual are now effectively on a level playing field thanks to social media. “This means that anyone has the power to succeed without huge amounts of cash, especially in creative fields.

Irrespective of one’s chosen career, social media may provide a competitive advantage, by letting you show nuances of your skill and knowledge that may not easily be apparent.

Make sure

Maintain your social profile, tend to it like an obsessive gardener, & keep the following tips in mind to make sure you get noticed online.

Make your Presence felt.

social media

Increasingly, employers are expanding their hiring procedure to incorporate social networking sites.. like facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter etc

“Hiring managers & recruiters use social media to source candidates, to post jobs, & to accept job applications.” Let people know online that you are looking for a job.

Digitally connect & network with the right people from the right industry & hyperlink your resume & keep updating it regularly are some of the tools to building your identity on social media channels.

Select a suitable platform

social media platform

Identifying the right social media platform is crucial. “While Facebook & Instagram is where everyone is, Linkedin is where your CV is, you could stand out by using platforms that work well for your specific line.”

Twitter could be good for writers, finance or current affairs driven jobs.

Behance or Pinterest for Design folks.

Quora for knowledge based work.

“A Personal Blog is a good idea, but if you regularly post. 2 yrs old blogs are like your drivng license picture, they represent you but usually in the most cringe-inducing way.

An article may show up much higher than a marketing professional’s own personal profile.”

A word of Caution

If you choose to blog, don’t do it without a specific purpose. “Don’t take it for granted. Remember it is not a closed group, it’s a public forum where people can access every word you write.

When they type something on Google, readers shouldn’t be misled by false information. Their trust is your achievement and satisfaction, but make sure you are earning it ethically and morally.

Stay on top of Search game

search engine optimisation

Achieving a top spot in search engine rankings signals that your site is a credible source. The higher you rank in result pages, the more your site will generate. This is the importance of SEO rankings.

Even for big brands, the most effective, yet inexpensive way to optimize search engines is to create regular, high quality content that engages, 7 to have it seen/linked on platforms other than those that the brand owns.

The First Impression

social media

A good display picture & well written bio can help you pass the sniff test. Knowingly or unknowingly people will start creating judgements about you just by looking at your display image.

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