Tips of Using Hashtags on Social Media Platforms

You may be well aware that every page on social media sites have something in common. Yes you are right. They are the HASHTAGS (#). They have become a must, whether it is some post or some image or any comment.
But many people are still confused about how to uses the Hashtags. One must learn the etiquette of using these hashtags.

Let’s see some simple do’s & don’ts of Hashtags.

What is a Hashtag? (#)
A hashtag(#) is simply just a symbol which is used before a keyword which makes words or links simple searchable & linkable. It was 1st used on Twitter.

Do’s & Don’ts of using Hashtags(#)



Almost everyone on social media platforms are using hashtags. So many of them use them blindly as social media have not bound the users with any kind of rules or restrictions when it comes to putting Hashtags(#)

Social media platforms that use Hashtags(#)

But we must follow a certain etiquette while using Hashtags(#)
The words which we use with hashtags should be self explanatory and specific. They should not confuse the audience as every Hashtag(#) is linked to every tag which is featuring that word. For instance, if we use the word #excitement.

Every tag having the word excitement gets connected to it. Words are the most powerful form of an expression if used correctly and intelligently.

It is important that the hashtags(#) what we use should be relevant and speaks about the topic . For example. If we want to talk about Healthy recipe, then create the tag #HealthyRecipe instead of  #Healthy #recipe

If you do not place the Hashtags (#) correctly, you may lose the relevance of the tags.

It is important to create meaningful content and then use Hashtag (#) to create an identity but don’t forget the word RELEVANT.

Another important thing is to be sure of the spelling of the Hashtag(#) that you use. Eg what is your want to Hashtag(#) weekly news and your may land up tagging weakly news.

Use only as many hashtags(#) that are making sense to your post.

Do not use space between when we are hashtagging a statement. Eg.If you want to hashtag(#) having fun then write it like #havingFun & not #having fun

You can use alphabets in any case, upper or lower. But punctuation marks are not allowed

Hashtag (#) is different from using @.. When one uses @ in front of any name, it directly tweets that person or any organization. Eg if you are using #anie, then it is tagging Anie to the post but using @anie will tweet the post directly to Anie

When one clicks  on a particular Hashtag(#), all the posts having that Hashtag(#) will open in front of you.

This gives a great potential for small business houses to grow  as it gets their content in front of a large audience without spending.

One can find your profile also through the hashtags you use. They may have never met you also.

So start using hashtags for your Social Media marketing activities

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